One Solution. One Platform. One Company. TEDS.

TEDS has been a leader in talent management solutions for millions of users, including several healthcare organizations as well as Textron, Philips, and Sandia National Laboratories. Unlike other talent management software companies, TEDS offers one integrated platform for all your company’s needs which empowers customers to achieve their greatest profits in the competitive market.

So why is integration so important? TEDS stands out from the rest because we are a company that has not bought and bolted on with other companies. We are completely and 100 percent organic. The purpose of TEDS talent management solutions is to eliminate inefficiencies of cumbersome data silos, which makes the single platform valuable to several different organizations. TEDS organic software links people strategies, business initiatives, and data by integrating critical human capital functions that allows for the most success.

One Stop Shop:
Choosing TEDS is simple. TEDS offers single platform software to empower the customer. There’s no hassle in learning different software solutions with TEDS. Because it offers a plethora of usage in one package, you will be set up and running in no time.

We pride ourselves on the versatility of the modules and make the transition as smooth as possible. Our focus is on the customer and ensuring their needs are met.

Erika Duncan of Metro Health said this of TEDS, “I am very pleased with the implementation process and the willingness of TEDS employees to help during the learning period. It has been helpful for us to have all the modules in one integrated system. The ease of use is beneficial to every employee from nurses and doctors, to HR staff and managers.”

Benefits of Choosing TEDS:

1. One Platform: The integrated solution gives you all the tools you need to manage the talents in your organization in order to succeed and make the most profits. We offer seven different modules that work together to create a unitary talent management solution. The modules work best together, but some can also stand alone depending on what your specific needs are. The modules are:

2. Hassle Free: TEDS software was developed as a single solution meaning there is a single user interface, a single application, and single database. The modules can be deployed all at once, one at a time, or in a combination to suit your organization’s needs.  Because of TEDS’ true integrated solution, the data is shared among the modules to provide a holistic Talent Management solution for your company.

3. Customer Oriented: TEDS is very customer service oriented and works to understand the needs of their customers by first understanding their pain points, giving TEDS the ability to offer the best solutions possible

4. TEDS is Completely Organic: We create, own, and update all of our software according to the needs of our customers. Each year we do quarterly updates and then offer completely new add-ons to the software. The continual updates make it easier for customers to meet the demands of the competitive market while ensuring they meet technology standards as they are ever progressing.

At TEDS, we want to help make your job easier. Please contact us today for more information or to schedule a demo