Our Fearless Leaders


Joe Ellis

President, CEO

Joe is the visionary pioneer of the fully integrated software suite for talent management. He is internationally recognized for his professional expertise and personal commitment to talent management, business processes, and technology. His visionary leadership has played a key role in many areas of talent management worldwide. He graduated from Emory & Henry College with a degree in Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics. During his free time, Joe enjoys cooking and making delicious treats for the TEDS family. 


Brittany Hughes

Chief Operating Officer

Brittany received her Bachelor’s degree from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. She has been with the TEDS team since 2010 and has been a vital player in the growth of the company. She has been the VP of Marketing, Product and Design as well as the Culture Leader at TEDS. Her favorite thing about working at TEDS is the freedom to be creative and mentoring a diverse group of talents. In her spare time she enjoys going to festivals and hiking.


Todd Mauldin

VP of Business Development

Todd joined TEDS in 2000 as Director of Training and Implementation Consultant. He is currently responsible for oversight of TEDS’ business development while also serving as the executive manager of the TEDS Consortium, which is a dynamic collaborative forum of  experts in talent management from over a dozen world-class companies and organizations. Todd earned his Bachelor's and Master's degree in industrial engineering from Mississippi State University, and is a devout Mississippi State Bulldog fan. 


Rachel Hafley

VP of Total Care

Rachel has been with TEDS for over 15 years and has worked and managed Quality Assurance, Support Services, Marketing, and Design and Documentation. Rachel joined TEDS in 1995 as a help desk technician and quality assurance tester. She served as manager of customer support and quality assurance prior to being promoted to Director of Customer Support. In 2010, she was promoted to VP of Support Services. Rachel has worked directly with TEDS customers in all aspects of the TEDS lifecycle and continues to be an integral player in the Center for Quality Control. 


Jody Caudill

Director of Development

Jody joined TEDS in 2012 and was promoted to Development Leader in 2013. He has worked with TEDS support and implementation and brings his experience of working with our customers and implementation in the field back to the Development team. Along with the background he has in development, user interface, information systems security, and SDLC, he gives a more well-rounded perspective to TEDS' development. When he's not at work, Jody enjoys spending time with his family, maintaining his CISSP, and is an avid beekeeper.