Improving TEDS’ Software through Feedback & Communication 

Atkins, VA Feb. 7, 2014 - TEDS introduced a new task team that invites customers to share their feedback on the talent management software through regular meetings with representatives from TEDS hearing and most importantly, understanding their feedback. The task team works to improve the user-ability of the software with more user friendly functionality and a quicker turn around. TEDS is currently working with a team for the external site first, which is part of the Talent Acquisition and Staffing module. Being able to create an outstanding software for current customers benefits the client and also gives TEDS the opportunity to sell the product to new and potential customers. TEDS wants to be able to offer an excellent product and that starts with the customer. Working with them will allow TEDS’ experts to create a product that is more configurable to their needs so that the software functions more efficiently for the specific needs in their organization. stayaheadofchange_pressreleaseimage.png

TEDS’ CEO and Founder, Joe Ellis, said, “We are always working to improve our software through regular upgrades and input from our customers. Clients are our number one concern and without their regular feedback, we would not be able to make improvements to fuel their progress.”

With our task team on hand to ensure our customers’ success, we are able to deliver the best possible software. The Product Lead at TEDS, Wendy Raynor said:

The best design is always centered on the user’s experience. If we don't include the voice of the user in our research and in the process of creating a product, we've lost an incredible opportunity! Our customers are incredibly knowledgeable and are willing to share their thoughts with us. By sharing their best and worst practices with us, we have the chance to craft and fine tune our product before it ever reaches the market. This is a win-win. If our customers have a product that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations, then TEDS has succeeded. “

Our passion lies in making a champion out of our clients. If your organization does not succeed, TEDS does not succeed. Metro Health is a TEDS’ customer and here is what the Director of HR, Erika Duncan, said of the implementation of the Talent Acquisition and Staffing module:

“We are implementing TEDS’ Talent Acquisition/Job Vision now.  We go live on February 10th, and are thrilled to be launching a module that is user friendly for the HR user group as well as the external candidate.  We have capitalized on the search and screening functions available to source candidates and look forward to what that will bring to our hiring managers.  The response from the TEDS team is great.  They are always willing to hear feedback and seek opinions of customers.  The "task team" approach encourages collaboration and involvement from all and allows current clients to learn from each other, be involved in the enhancements and find best practices.  The Talent Management modules are essential to our growth and planning strategies at Metro Health.”  

With the talent and diligence of TEDS’ employees and the willingness of our customers to contribute to the task team with their feedback, we are able to assist our clients with their most important tasks to ensure completion in the fastest, most efficient manner. The combination of effort, collaboration, and communication of the task force will allow each and every client to be a champion in their industry, which is the power of talent management and the goal of TEDS.  

About TEDS 
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Todd Mauldin 
Vice President of Business Development