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Talent Acquisition & Staffing

Find the best candidates and talent for any position based on your needs as a company. TEDS Talent Acquisition & Staffing utilizes a strategic approach in placing and advancing the best internal and external candidates for job vacancies and promotions. LEARN MORE 

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Learning Management

TEDS created the first Learning Management System (LMS) in 1989, and has continually set the standard for world-class LMS capabilities. TEDS Learning Management provides exceptional training management and delivery of learning content that is required to keep your workforce ready and your organization ahead of the the game. LEARN MORE

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Competency Management

Do you need an efficient competency management system to stay ahead of industry compliances? TEDS Competency Management gives you the capability to close corporate gaps by closing employee gaps leading to a highly efficient organization that generates more profits. LEARN MORE

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Performance Management

Linking employee performance with corporate goals can get confusing and often messy. TEDS Performance Management allows your organization to build and manage the workforce that current business strategies require. Easily tie business initiatives to employee goals and monitor progress throughout the enterprise. 

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Compensation Planner

Create and maximize intelligent compensation practices that benefit employee motivation, performance, morale and retention. TEDS Compensation Planner helps your company gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace through retention and motivation of key employees at all levels within the organization.

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Succession Management

Identify, develop and direct high-potential employees toward both leadership and higher positions in your company. TEDS Succession Management automates succession planning and leadership development to identify, develop, and direct high-potential employees toward top positions and critical jobs throughout the organization.

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Workforce Management

Strategic workforce planning and management is the key to making the decisions necessary to gain and preserve a competitive advantage in the marketplace. TEDS Workforce Management enables organizations to define corporate business initiatives, measure workforce readiness to accomplish business goals, manage the progress toward initiative completion and track hiring for these initiatives. LEARN MORE