Reward and Motivate Top Performers
The compensation process is integrated with other TEDS' solutions such as competencies, learning, and performance to ensure that employees are being paid what they deserve. This approach boosts employee morale, instills trust in employees, and correlates to higher employee retention, giving your company a competitive edge in the market. Through the integration of TEDS’ solutions, managers and executives can make compensation decisions based on:


Employees’ assessments

Competency strengths

Goal completions

Supervisor evaluations

Salary bands

Flight risks

Retain The Best
With TEDS, managers have the information they need to make strategic and accurate decisions for compensation management. TEDS’ Pay-for-Performance based compensation management links to salary adjustments, merit increases and bonuses.


Manager Features

Compensation planning cycles

Distribute salary increase

Distribute bonus

Budget distribution by: category,
   criteria, percentage based,
   and eligibility

Compensation  audit trail

Compensation  approvals

Notification  reminders

Salary increase filters according
   to cycle

Bonus filters according to cycle

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