Competency Management and Resource Planning
What are your most valuable assets? Hands down, your people! The knowledge, skills, abilities, and attributes they posses are what differentiate your organization from your competitors. That’s why having an inventory and the capacity to track employee’s knowledge, skills, abilities, and attributes are a vital part of leveraging your workforce to get where you want to go. 

Skills Inventory and Analysis
TEDS Competency Management Solution is the language of talent management and is very useful in any organization. It allows employers and managers to know which skills their employees possess; it tells them who is qualified for what position, role, or task; and it gives managers the ability to see who could fill a position last minute if, for example, another employee was to ask for a day off or leave unexpectedly. 


Manager Functionality

Builds, administers, and tabulates
   self-assessments and 360-degree
   review evaluations

Tracks roles, tasks, and
   competencies proficiencies with
   self-assessments and 360-degree
   review evaluation

Performs skills assessments and
   gap analysis for employees
   and for the organization

Automatically generates action plans
   from skill gap analysis results

Manages spot training for
   manufacturing and other
   process-oriented environments

Generates flexible training options

Competency screen shot

Standardization for Employee Mobility
Organization with multiple facilities can develop and maintain standards for company-wide functions. Management can standardize roles, tasks, and competencies to ensure that all employees have the same training, skills, and certifications no matter which facility they work in. Now managers can search the entire organization.


Administrator Functionality

And Or Logic: Recognizes previously
   completed training and allows for
   multiple paths to certification.

  • - Eliminates redundant training
  • - Improves efficiencies
  • - Leads to greater
      employee satisfaction

Leadership Pools: Identify specific
   roles with associated competencies 
   for leadership at any level.

Revision Management

Automatic Revocation

Skills checklist screen shot

Monitoring Compliance
Our Competency Management allows you to track completion of certifications and regulatory requirements to ensure skills are up to date with certifications and regulatory requirements. This allows your department and company to stay on track.


Tracks a wide range of regulatory requirements including Sarbanes Oxley, ISO, FDA,
   OSHA, NRC, DOT, FCC, and many others

Automatically tracks the completion, expiration and renewal of certifications
   and generates reports

Creates clear audit trails

You have to know where you are before you can get to where you are going!