Create a High Performing Workforce
TEDS Performance Management Solution incorporates business initiatives, goal setting, development plans, and performance reviews all in one easy to use module.

Our goal tracking gives administrators the ability to see the contribution of each department towards achieving company goals and initiatives. Managers can also see how individuals on their team are contributing to the goals of their department. This gives you the opportunity to congratulate good performance and offer words of advice or improvement when necessary. Performance management is all about ensuring employees are learning as they work and helping them to better themselves and their knowledge in the process. 


Employee and Manager Features

Performance home page to
   prompt critical actions

Goal setting and management
   for both results-based and
   behavior-based goals

Configurable creation of
   performance plans and reviews

Revision of individual career
   goals as business conditions

Design and management of
   employee development and
   improvement plans

360-degree reviews for
   learning assessments

Viewable data across
   the organization

User-definable assessments,
   survey rating pools and
   attribute pools

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Continuous Feedback
Communication is a vital part of performance management and with TEDS’ feedback feature, managers can coach their employees by offering words of praise, encouragement, and ways to exceed in their job expectations. By offering regular feedback, employees know how to better succeed in their positions while serving the needs of the organization. 

Got to Love Integration!
No longer do you need to search through paperwork to see if your associates have stayed compliant and up to date on training requirements. With TEDS’ integration you can automatically pull in course and competency data showing if employees completed their requirements on time. All of this information goes to help you make pay for performance and critical succession management decisions.

Let's Start Building Performance Together!