Identify – Develop – Direct – and Build the Next Generation!
TEDS’ Succession Management Solution helps you identify, develop, and direct high-potential employees for critical jobs and leadership roles. Now you can anticipate the inevitable gaps when employees leave or retire, and pre-select the leadership needed for expansion.


Manager Features

Mark a job as critical

Create lists for any job

Populate succession lists via: 
   Leadership Pools & Resource Locator

Rank order of succession lists

Link to individual development plans

Review electronic resumes

Secured Viewing Management


Access performance history

Create Leadership development pools

  • - Various leadership levels
      assigned to employees
  • - Associated competencies
      automatically assigned
  • - Additional assignments
      can be added
  • - Employees are mined for
      specific jobs

Find the Best Fit
When looking for those critical employees TEDS database is at your finger tips. Succession managers have the ability to search for specific attributes with over 80 different search criteria.

Integration Awesomeness!
By making it possible to fold in existing related competencies, learning, and performance, Succession Management employs a comprehensive approach to keep your organization focused on its larger objectives over time.

Find Your Front Runners Today!