To be the BEST, you have to HIRE the BEST!
TEDS makes recruiting and onboarding a cinch for recruiters and managers. From job posting to qualifying and selection, TEDS' ability to simplify and expedite the hiring process helps cut recruitment cycle time and saves recruitment dollars. Our Talent Acquisition & Staffing Solution also provides a resource locator that mines the TEDS human capital database with a variety of user-defined criteria to populate teams and projects. 


Recruiting Features

Requisition and approval management

Job posting

Candidate search

Recruiter workflow automation

Prescreening and assessments

Candidate communications


Talent Acquisition & Staffing Dashboard Screen Shot
Find the BEST FIT

TEDS not only allows you to create job requisitions with ease, but also gives you the ability to view candidate lists and compare the candidates' percent fit for the position. This makes it simple to find the best person for the job. 


Manager Features

Request new position

Support communication between
    Recruiter and Manager

Review candidates’ qualifications
   and percent match

Interview management

Extend offers 

Candidate Pool Feature - Screen Shot

Keep the BEST
TEDS also helps employees to reach their career goals while continuing to work and gain experience in their area of interest. 


Employee Features

Manage their resume

Automatically add training and
   competency completions to resume

View open positions

Explore the qualifications for positions

Calculate the percent fit for a job and
   see what qualifications are missing

Create job charts and save
   jobs of interest

Get notified when a position of interest
   is available

Send referrals

Organize Job Postings - Screen Shot
It's time to CONNECT

Every company wants to make sure they are hiring the best candidate for every position they post. With TEDS, recruiters can easily link their job requisitions with external websites like Monster, Career Builder, and Indeed