Build for the future
With an ever-changing market, it’s important that the workforce be ready to undergo changes. It’s not certain what types of changes will occur, but with TEDS Workforce Management Solution, you can guarantee that you have the tools to assess the current talent you have, what talent is needed to succeed, and how to bridge those gaps! 


Manager and Executive Features

Define corporate initiatives

Measure workforce  readiness to
   accomplish business goals

Manage the progress toward
   initiative completion

Track hiring for initiatives

Identify and close both individual
   and organizational skills gaps

Project future knowledge, skills,
   and competency needs for
   business initiatives


Associate employees’ learning and
   competency requirements with the
   organization’s business initiatives

Assign learning and competency activities to
   bring employees to readiness

Facilitate an organization-wide
   comprehensive talent management strategy

Ensure alignment of workforce and
   talent management strategy

Build accurate employee knowledge,
   skills and competency inventories

Ensure Readiness with Workforce Progress Analysis
Organizations can create a strategy to ensure the entire company is ready for changes across the enterprise. This tool keeps the workforce prepared for the ever changing market and preps them for what is to come in the future.


Analyze progress towards initiatives

View employees ready and not ready
   for a workforce initiative

Assemble project teams based on
   employees’ current and projected
   future qualifications

Alert employees of corrective actions
   needed to meet qualifications for
   task teams, project teams and
   future job positions

View timeline for overall
   progress toward completion
   of business initiatives

Associate and view requisition for
   workforce initiative

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