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Whether you're looking at just one of our software solutions or the whole suite, the benefits that talent management software offers are changing the business world. Check out a few of the things that talent management does.


Enhance Strategic Alignment

Each TEDS solution links discrete functions — competencies, performance, learning, compliance, compensation, succession, and recruiting & staffing— with broader corporate initiatives. When employees’ goals are aligned to business objectives, everyone has a stake in the ultimate success of the company.


Ease of Implementation

TEDS’ implementation processes, expectation management, and comprehensive support provide fast delivery and stable operation from the first day. TEDS’ implementation teams combine speed, innovation and a long history of success when collaborating with your organization to meet the installation and rollout schedule essential to your business plan.


Risk Mitigation

In today’s stringent regulatory environment, TEDS provides a valuable record of compliance through automated tracking, certification, re-certification, and reporting. By enabling a more objective and equitable decision-making process, TEDS helps mitigate the risks inherent in highly regulated industries and in many Human Resources actions.

More Effective Human Capital Deployment

The ultimate goal of every organization is to be profitable. And having the right people in the right job is crucial to your success. TEDS helps organizations meet that challenge with our integrated system. Now essential workforce information is at every manager's fingertips. 


Lower Costs

TEDS’ automated processes and programs eliminate inefficiencies by reducing the costs of training, recruiting, hiring, and managing a workforce. With robust analytics, TEDS also allows an organization to track and control its human capital expenditures. TEDS’ integration means fewer systems and easier reporting.


Reduced Administrative Burden

By standardizing and automating the numerous functions of human capital development and management, TEDS frees up resources and staff to work on more strategic imperatives. TEDS’ common data repository also streamlines processes and improves efficiencies by providing single-data entry that flows throughout all modules.


The Value of Integration

100% built by TEDS

TEDS’ fully integrated software solution gives HR professionals, managers, and all employees the opportunity to be the best in their current position. Through the use of our seven modules, your company can ensure your employees are up to date on all competencies and learnings, while nurturing them for future positions. The integrated talent management solution through TEDS helps your workforce constantly learn and enhance their skills in line with the ever changing competitive market. 


How is TEDS’ completely organic, fully integrated talent management software beneficial to you and your company?


1. Fully Integrated
TEDS is 100% organic, meaning 100% built by TEDS. Why is this important? In the race to provide a full talent management suite, most companies in the industry have bolted on functionality through mergers and acquisitions so they could say they provided everything. The flaw with this is that their suite lacks integration, which is the true power of a talent management system. At TEDS we create, update, and provide a fully integrated talent management system for you and your company to be successful. 


4. Optimize Communication
It connects decision-making throughout your organization. Communication is vital for success in any workplace and TEDS gives you the tools you need to ensure everyone is on the same page. 

5. Less Manual Work
The integrated solution is consistent throughout all the modules. There is no repetition of data - meaning less manual work. Reduce the hassle and stress to manage your employees so you can focus on company goals and the success of your workforce. 

That's the way uh-huh uh-huh, I like it!

2. Hassle Free
With TEDS’ software there’s no hassle. All the information you need is contained on one user interface, one application, and one database. Because TEDS is truly integrated, the data is shared among modules to provide a holistic Talent Management solution for your company. 

3. Stay Ahead of Change
The software helps your company to respond quickly to changing business needs through identification of current and future talent gaps and by syncing hiring strategy and development plans.


6. More Accurate Workforce Assessments
Data and processes are integrated and learning plans are linked to skills and assessments of the current talent pool.

7. Freedom to Configure
You have the power to configure the software specifically for your company’s needs. We pride ourselves on the versatility of the modules because it is the customers’ needs that are most important and we work diligently to ensure the success of every individual company’s specific needs! Just ask our other customers. You won’t be disappointed! 


Consulting Solutions


We don't define our success by the number of sales we make, we define it by the relationships we build. When you become a client we want to see you succeed. And we bring expertise in the industry of talent management to match our software. These are some of the things we do.


Compliance management

Competency assessments
   and inventories

Lean management

Workforce transformation

Change management

Technical infrastructure analysis

Multi-level training

Risk mitigation strategies

Expectation management

Project management

Business process review

Corporate and staff
    goal alignment


TEDS Fast Tracks

TEDS Fast Track Rocket Graphic

TEDS provides a “Fast Track” option for when you need advanced functionality fast at a fraction of the cost! We understand that your organization needs updates as quickly as possible and when you have certain “pains,” we want to fix them! That’s why with TEDS Fast Track we develop new features for you before our normal updates. 


The TEDS Fast Track service provides your organization with advanced innovative solutions and we customize them to fit your needs. We are here to help you make the most of TEDS Talent Management Solutions.

  • - TEDS will accelerate the design and implementation of your request.*
  • - With proven success in Talent Management, TEDS’ product development team, product testers, and documentation experts work vigorously to create Fast Track solutions your organization requests.
  • - All Fast Track solutions become part of the next regular upgrade, allowing all TEDS’ customers to reap the benefits of the new customized feature.

With TEDS Fast Track, don’t worry about added expenses. Think about the future of your company and the benefits your company will see through its willingness to embrace change and innovation!

*Pending the approval of your request