TEDS is more than software.
What does it take to get results?

Enhance Strategic Alignment

Each TEDS solution links discrete functions — competencies, performance, learning, compliance, compensation, succession, and recruiting & staffing with broader corporate initiatives. When employees’ goals are aligned to business objectives, everyone has a stake in the ultimate success of the company.

Audit Readiness

In today’s stringent regulatory environment, TEDS provides a valuable record of compliance through automated tracking, certification, re-certification, and reporting. By enabling a more objective and equitable decision-making process, TEDS helps mitigate the risks inherent in highly regulated industries and in many Human Resources actions.

Lower Costs

TEDS’ automated processes and programs eliminate inefficiencies by reducing the costs of training, recruiting, hiring, and managing a workforce. With robust analytics, TEDS also allows an organization to track and control its human capital expenditures. TEDS’ integration means fewer systems and easier reporting.

Ease of Implementation

TEDS’ implementation processes, expectation management, and comprehensive support provide fast delivery and stable operation from the first day. TEDS’ implementation teams combine speed, innovation and a long history of success when collaborating with your organization to meet the installation and rollout schedule essential to your business plan.

More Effective Human Capital Deployment

The ultimate goal of every organization is to be profitable. And having the right people in the right job is crucial to your success. TEDS helps organizations meet that challenge with our integrated system. Now essential workforce information is at every manager's fingertips.

Reduced Administrative Burden

By standardizing and automating the numerous functions of human capital development and management, TEDS frees up resources and staff to work on more strategic imperatives. TEDS’ common data repository also streamlines processes and improves efficiencies by providing single-data entry that flows throughout all modules.